To those feminists who are responding to womenagainstfeminism with:

"Omg, you clearly just don’t know what feminism is!"


"If you believe in equality then you’re a feminist."

I say:

"Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining,…

See, this is what I’m talking about. There are actually people who are against feminism because they honestly believe feminism could not possibly help men in any way because it was a movement created for women during a time when women had basically no rights.

I would like to point out that there are also people who honestly believe it’s not physically possible for a person to be both a feminist and an egalitarian.

Goddamn there are some ignorant, naive people in the world.

Oh, I believe that feminism could help men. I simply don’t believe that it does.

Of course it is possible to be a feminist and an egalitarian. In fact I know several people who identify as both. And all of those people face a constant fight within feminism to have their point of view listened to. They have been told they are ‘not real feminists’ because they value mens issues as highly as womens issues. They have been told they have ‘internalised misogyny’ because they don’t accept the idea that men are the enemy.

Feminism is a movement with a focus on women. Unfortunately many proponents of feminism are anti-men, and many of the changes feminism has brought about, though they might be seen to be helping women, have had the effect of making things worse for men. 

Feminism must be judged on what it has done - not what it might have done, or could do in the future.

But back to the point of OPs post - dismissing anti-feminist ideas with ‘you don’t know what feminism really is’ or ‘if you believe in equality then you are a feminist’…

I know exactly what feminism is, I know exactly what it has achieved and I know exactly what it is doing right now. That I don’t agree with it doesn’t make me ignorant of it - in fact I have formed my opinions through years of research and observation. The dismissive attitudes of many feminists only helps to push me away further.

And feminism does not have the monopoly on gender equality. I don’t believe that focusing on one gender is the correct way forward. And since that is what feminism does, then that is (part of) the reason I reject it. It is not the place of any feminism to force a label on to me that I do not wish to take. 

If that makes me ignorant and naive, then fine. I shall continue to be so.


hello friends! i’m doing a presentation on feminism and its portrayal by media and etc. and i need you guys (youths on the internet woop woop) to offer your opinion! it would be great if you guys could help out to fill up and spread this survey »>

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In response to your dumbass vegan post: sex without consent = rape = disgusting Gender doesn't matter you piece of shit



sex without consent + privilege + societal power = rape

Get it through your head.

Heres your fucking “equality” everyone.

Why do these nuggets think they can redefine words to suit their own warped agenda?!

For the sake of curiosity


Reblog if you actually care about men’s right, just not enough to create an entire fucking movement that seems to be aimed solely at undermining all the work feminists have done to help women.

Well considering the fact that a lot of what feminism has done has actually made things worse for men, then I am not at all surprised that the MRM focuses negatively on feminism. For example the tender years doctrine which favours mothers in custody cases was a feminist idea. While feminists today will claim it is ‘sexist’ that they are seen as primary care givers, to a certain degree this is actually of feminism’s own doing. And it is far more detrimental to men since there is a bias against them in custody cases even to this day.

There are, of course, more examples. And all of this is without taking in to consideration the outright misandry within feminism.

So yeah, I am actually surprised at how little time the MRM spends talking about feminism.

Hogan McLaughlin Fall 2013 Collection
My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
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"I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance

Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

How about video game characters, got a top 5(10) for that?

Ooh, now that’s hard. I will have to try hard to not make them all from Mass Effect  :\

I can’t decide between Thane and Garrus from Mass Effect tbh, I love them both for different reasons. And then Mordin. And Tali… And Legion…………. :\ Can those count as one?

Kaine from Nier

Chopin from Eternal Sonata

Fran from Final Fantasy 12 is awesome

Auron from Final Fantasy 10

Honourable mention for Isabella in Civilisation IV, as my least favourite ‘character’ in anything ever, even below Tidus! (Though I suppose technically she is not a character. But still the game always seems to cheat on her behalf like allowing her to build mounted units even when she has no source of horses left.. and it doesn’t seem to do that for any other leader. Annoying!)


Secret Garden by Magda_Bognar


Secret Garden by Magda_Bognar

Ohh just wondering, do you have a list of your top 5(or 10) favorite video games? I seen you like Mass effect so i wonder if you have more.


Mass Effect trilogy is definitely at the top, despite the ending.

Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 12 would be in there.

Masters of Orion 2


Sonic the Hedgehog

World of Warcraft, though I haven’t played in ages

Planetarion, though more for the community than the game play.

Those are the ones that immediately spring to mind :)



friendly reminder that!! self diagnosis is just as good as a professional diagnosis and saying that it isnt is classist and ableist uwu